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Dr. Tetsuo Yasaka

UNISEC Chairperson

Tetsuo Yasaka University SpaceEngineering Consortium(UNISEC) finally started as NPO. We will gather members' and supporters' efforts to give students more opportunities to work on space developments.

We support practical space engineering projects of university and college students, such as small satellites and rockets. It is a great motivation for students that they have opportunities to send what they designed and fabricated outer space. They are making great effort to enjoy these moments. Such self-motivated and self-imposed activities are very devine and now so rate to see in modern society.

We hope to achieve the following three missions through the student activities:

  • Cultivation of human resource
  • Technological developments by students' creativity unbounded by traditional ideas
  • Bridge across students' activities and public to welcome those who are interested in our projects

We believe that these missions go beyond the university/college borders and lead to beneficial impact in the society.

The origin of UNISEC was the internal organization of The Japan Society for Aeronautical and Space Sciences, which supported satellite and rocket research projects. In 2003, these two projects merged and incorporated as NPO. As a responsible organization, we open the door to public, in addition to encourage university/college research. In June 2003, Tokyo Univ and Tokyo Inst. of Tech, the members of UNISEC, launched their hand-made small satellites. We owe it to international cooperation and supports by amateur radio community, too.

In UNISEC, several laboratories contribute to the society by conglomeratizing their research achievements. UNISEC members also cooperate with in local companies. I believe such expanded UNISEC acitvities will impact on Japan's space policy. Furthermore, it is so clear that the strong relationship with local societies will make difference from traditional space development.

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