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More questions:
Q: What is "UNISEC"?
University Space Engineering Consortium "UNISEC" represents the engineering spirit to work toward the uni (one) sec (second), the short moments such as rocket launches and satellite separation in orbit.
Q: Our laboratory is a UNISEC member. Can we ask you to put headline news on the UNISEC main page about our R&D/academic achievements?
Yes, we can link from the news page to your website, too.
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Q: Can I link to UNISEC web site from my web page?
A: Any web sites (except those offensive to public order and morals) can link to UNISEC.
Make sure to do the followings:
  1. Link to http://www.unisec.jp
  2. Keep the spelling of "UNISEC" or "University Space Engineering Consortium"
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