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UNISEC (University Space Engineering Consortium)

UNISEC is a non-profitable organization to support practical space development activities in universities and colleges, such as small satellite and hybrid rockets.

In April 2002, two organizations "UNISAT (University Satellite Consortium)" and "Hybrid rocket group" in Japan merged and obtained corporate status, for more effective and sustainable activities.

What we do

training Human Resource Development

We provide opportunities for students and all to discuss, stimulate and improve themselves through space development activities.

rocketsatelliteTechnological Development

We challenge novel technological developments for future applications. We make much of students' actions and creative ideas unbounded by traditional ideas, which will lead to breakthrough and needs generation in small satellite and rocket markets.


We bridge across student space development activities and public. We broadcast the student projects and intend to open the doors to those who wish to join us. The distributed UNISEC members all around Japan are happy to host local events as well.

UNISEC Working Groups

  • Fund-raising to support hand-made satellites and rocket projects
  • Analysis of safe launch (sites and methods)
  • Frequency for satellite communication in space
  • Rocket launch and satellite experiment planning supports
  • Contact for governmental research centers and companies to obrain collaboration opportunities
  • Set-up of lectures, competitions...
  • Search for launch opportunities (piggy-back)
  • Promotion of academic-industrial alliance
  • Broadcast of student activities

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