CubeSat Symposium Program 2003 3/10-11
3/10 (Time) (First Author) (Affiliation) (Title)
Opening Ceremony
 9:30-9:35 Tadayuki Takahashi ISAS Opening Remarks
9:35-9:45 Masakazu Iguchi SAC Greetings
9:45-9:55 Shinichi Nakasuka University of Tokyo Objectives and Logistics of the Symposium
Session 1: Invited talks (1) Open Lab Initiatives and Cheap/Rapid Access to Space
10:00-10:30 Tadayuki Takahashi ISAS Easy Access to Space - Space Open Laboratory Initiative -
10:30-11:00 John, W. Hines NASA-Ames Research Center Advanced Technologies for Pico and Nano Satellite Space Biological Research
11:00-11:30 Jordi Puig-Suari CalPoly CubeSat: a Low-Cost Picosatellite Standard for Education and Research
11:30-12:00 Shinichi Nakasuka University of Tokyo CubeSat - Future Directions beyond Education
12:00-13:00 Lunch Break
Session 2: Small/Micro/Nano Satellite Missions
13:00-13:20 Atsushi Noda NASDA Overview of Micro LabSat
13:20-13:40 Byung Jin Kim SaTReC Initiative Co.,Ltd MACSAT-Mini-Satellite for Earth Observation Mission
13:40-14:00 Kenji Mitani USEF Space Environment Reliability Verification Integrated System (SERVIS)
14:00-14:20 Yasuo Kumagiri Astro Research Outlook and Unique Issues for Nanosatellite Programs with Potential Technical Growth and Commercial Space Applications
14:20-14:30 Short Break    
Session 3: Invited talks (2) Missions and Related Technologies
14:30-15:00 Ken Sakamura University of Tokyo TBD
15:00-15:30 Rainer Sandau German Aerospace Center BIRD- Dedicated Demo Mission for Recognition of Vegatation Fires and Volcanic Activities
15:30-15:50 Coffee Break
Session 4: University CanSat and CubeSat Projects (1)
15:50-16:05 Young-Hyun Kim Hankuk Aviation University The Development of HAUSAT-1 Pico Satellite (CubeSat) for Educational Purpose
16:05-16:20 Saburo Matunaga Tokyo Insitute of Technology Current Status and Future Vision of Nano Satellites Development at Tokyo Institute of Technology
16:20-16:35 Jyh-Ching Juang National Cheng Kung University Overview of the PACE Satellite: a Three-Axis Stabilized CubeSat
16:35-16:50 Kazuya Yoshida Tohoku University Development of Micro Rovers and Demonstration with an Amateur Rocket
17:00-18:00 Poster Session (at the same lecture hall)
  Kazuhisa Mitsuda ISAS Small Mission for Large-scale Universe X-ray Spectroscopy (LUXS)
  Tadayasu Dotani ISAS X-ray Astronomy Satellite with Large Area CCDs
  Tadayuki Takahashi ISAS Study of Gamma-ray Burst Polarization with Semiconductor Multi Compton Telescope (SMCP)
  Hiroshi Tsunemi  Osaka University Clean-up the Space Environment: Instrument to Remove Material Left in Orbit
  Peter Freeborn EUROCKOT Launch Service GmbH Launch A Piggy-Mission by EUROCKOT
18:30-20:30 Reception    
3/11 Session 5: Small/Micro/Nano Satellite Scientific Missions
9:00- 9:20 Nobuyuki Kawai Tokyo Insitute of Technology Astrophysics with a very small satellite - High Energy Transient Explore and beyond -
9:20- 9:40 Yoshifumi Saito ISAS Exploration of the Terrestrial Magnetosphere by Formation Flying Satellites - ISAS"SCOPE" mission -
9:40-10:00 Tsutomu Nagatsuma CRL Mission for exploring inner magnetosphere by using small satellites
Session 6: Small/Micro/Nano Satellite Technologies
10:00-10:20 Yuji Nishihara Soka University Omni-directional antenna for CubeSat
10:20-10:40 Seung-Won Seo Hankuk Aviation University The Three-Axis Attitude Stabilization System Design of Pico Satellite HAUSAT-1
10:40-11:00 Hironori Sahara NAL Microsatellites End-of-Life De-Orbiting using solar Thermal Propulsion
11:00-11:10 Short Break
Session 7: Invited Talks (3) : Micro Satellites to be Launched
11:10-11:40 Hirobumi Saito ISAS Development of Advanced Space Techonologies by means of In-house Satellite Project
11:40-12:10 Lanse Gatling Gatling Associates CSA's MOST Microsatellite Mission
12:10-13:10 Lunch Break
12:50-17:00 Poster Session (nearby meeting room) Posters will be presented during the whole afternoon.
Session 8: Small/Micro/Nano Satellites New Schemes and Ideas
13:10-13:30 Chisato Kobayashi Astro-Technology SOHLA A small satellite project by a non-space SME union in Higashiosaka
13:30-13:50 Keiichi Okuyama KHI A Concept of Micro Satellite and Its Launch System
13:50-14:10 Tetsuo Yoshimitsu ISAS Small Rover System for Asteroid Exploration
Session 9:
14:10-15:10 Mission Idea Contest  7 entries; each alloted 5 minutes presentation and 3 minutes Q & A: final voting by audience
15:10-15:30 Coffee Break
Session 10: University CubeSat Projects (2)
15:30-15:45 Keiko Yonezu Soka University Soka University CubeSat Project
15:45-16:00 Yuji Sakamoto Kyusyu University Low-cost Orbit Determination System for a CubeSat
16:00-16:20 Byron Wolfe University of Hawaii The University of Hawaii CubeSat: An Undergraduate Student Satellite Project
16:20-16:35 Kanako Daigo Nihon University Nihon University CubeSat Project
16:35-16:50 Takashi Eishima University of Tokyo Remote Sensing Mission by Pico-Satellite - The Challenge of Univ. of Tokyo's CubeSatII)
Closing Remarks Shinichi Nakasuka University of Tokyo  
17:00 Close of Symposium