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UNISEC supported the Japanese labs and organizations for their participation in the ARLISS competition 2012, held on Sep 10-14, in Nevada, USA.
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Comeback Competition Results

1The University of Electro-Communications Tequila Sunrise2.74m
2Keio University Team Wolve'Z48.2m
3The University of Tokyo Glucose Hawks1160m
Result of all participating parties
1st flight2nd flight
[-]...Comeback Competition nonparticipation.
[*]...The record was not able to be confirmed (The control history fails).
1Aichi University of Technology STELA I-2980m7
2Aichi University of Technology STELA II3540m2370m6
3Kyushu Institute of Technology KINGS4470m1642m4
4Tokyo University of Science HelicalKSC-1783m5
5Tokyo Metropolitan University TMU Family4063m*437m9
6Keio University Team Wolve'Z48.2m*3630m2
7Kyushu Institute of Technology KIT Cat-- 
8Kobe University Akatsuki-- 
9Tokyo Institute of Technology SABRO-- 
10The University of Electro-Communications Mckinley*6000m- 
11The University of Electro-Communications Tequila Sunrise-2.74m1
12The University of Tokyo NASU6308m3632m8
13The University of Tokyo Glucose Hawks*2780m1160m3
14Seoul National University SNUSAT-- 
15University of Hawaii-- 
16University of Nevada Reno-- 
17Geogia Institute of Technology-- 

Mission Competition Results

The mission competition was executed at current year besides comeback competition.

1The University of Electro-Communications/Tequila Sunrise63.5
3Tokyo Metropolitan University/TMG58
Result of all participating parties
TEAMPrior Review
Tokyo University of Science
/Herical KSC
Tokyo Metropolitan University
Tokyo Metropolitan University
/TMU Family
10 41 51 5
Tokyo Metropolitan University
11.5 38 49.5 6
Keio University
/Team Wolve'Z
8 39 47 9
Kyushu Institute of Technology
/KIT Cat
6.5 30 36.5 18
Tokyo Institute of Technology
10 43 53 4
Keio University
9 33 42 13
Tokyo Denki University
/Space University
9 35 44 11
Kyushu Institute of Technology
8.5 28 36.5 17
The University of Electro-Communications
/Tequila Sunrise
9.5 54 63.5 1
The University of Electro-Communications
9.5 30 39.5 14
The University of Tokyo
/Glucose Hawks
11 37 48 7
The University of Tokyo
8 40 48 7
11.5 48 59.5 2
Akita University
9 28 37 16
Seoul University
5.5 37 42.5 12
University of Hawaii 12 34 46 10
University of Nevada 6.375 0 6.375 -
Kobe University
0 23 23 -

University NameReport
Aichi Univ. of Technology   PDF file
Kyushu Institute of Technology KINGS PDF file PDF file
Keio Univ. Tortoise PDF file  
Tokyo Metropolitan Univ. TM Brothers PDF file PDF file
Tokyo Metropolitan Univ. TMG PDF file PDF file
Tokyo Metropolitan Univ. TMU Family PDF file PDF file
Akita Univ. ASSP PDF file PDF file
The Univ. of Electro-Communications McKinley PDF file PDF file
The Univ. of Electro-Communications Tequila Sunrise PDF file PDF file
Tokyo Institute of Technology SABRO PDF file  
The Univ. of Tokyo NASU PDF file PDF file

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