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university space engineering consortium

general meeting UNISEC General Assembly
Annual regular general assembly.
workshop UNISEC Workshop
To discuss university/college small satellite, rocket, and ground station network development.

general meeting Comeback Competitions
350ml-can sized small satellite control competition. The satellites are released from a (manned) balloon, and uses wings/parafoils to fly toward the marker on the ground.
arliss ARLISS
CanSat sub-orbital experiments and competitions, supported by amateur rocket launch group Aero-pak, USA.

UNISEC Space Takumi Conference UNISEC Space Takumi Conference
UNISEC Space Takumi Conference aims to enhance the contents of papers on practical space engineering to become versatile and universal academic accomplishment.
gns Ground Station Network
Wide satellite communication coverage made by universities and institutions

ists ISTS
general meeting Hybrid Rocket Experiment
In Taikicho, Hokkaido

UNISEC supports hybrid rocket launch experiments.

general meeting University Space Systems Symposium
Project proposals, current activity reports, future plans and more.

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