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UNISEC Workshop

UNISEC Workshop 2009
Keio University, Yagami Campus
28 - 29 Nov. 2009
In Keio Univ., Tokyo, Japan
UNISEC Workshop 2008
Akita University, Tegata Campus
22 - 23 Nov. 2008
In Akita Univ., Akita, Japan
UNISEC Workshop 2007
Nihon University, Science & Technology Department, Funabashi Campus
8 - 9 Dec. 2007
In Nihon Univ., Chiba, Japan
International CanSat Workshop 2007
University of Tokyo
23 - 24 Feb. 2007
The event had great success with 170 international participants (145 students and 25 non-students) from all over the world.
In University of Tokyo, Tokyo, Japan
Official web site | UNISEC report in English (coming soon)
UNISEC Workshop 2006
Tohoku University
Dec 2006
In Tohoku Univ, Sendai, Japan
The 1st Workshop on Ground Station Netwrok 2006
University of Tokyo
July 2006
In University of Tokyo, Tokyo, Japan
UNISEC report in English
UNISEC Workshop 2005
Tokai University
10-11 Dec, 2005
Official web site | UNISEC report in Japanese
UNISEC Workshop 2004
Kyushu Univ.
Dec 11-12, 2004
Students' space development activity reports.
Official web site | Report by Kagawa Univ.
UNISEC Workshop 2003
Hokkaido Institute of Technology
13-14 Dec 2003
Official web site | UNISEC report in Japanese
CubeSat Symposium 2003
International House of Japan (Roppongi, Tokyo)
10-11 March 2003
Space scientists, engineers and international guest speakers got together and discussed how small satellites can facilitate easier access to space, and reported their progress in satellite technology and missions.
(with simultaneous interpretation)
[Report in Japanese]

UNISEC Workshop 2002
Tokyo Institute of Technology
Dec 20-21, 2002
UNISEC hosted workshope 2002 to provide students and faculty with opportunities for technological information exchange, introduction of university space projects, and public relations.
Hosted by UNISEC
Joint by The Japan Society for Aeronautical and Space Sciences, The Japan Society of Mechanical Engineers (Space Engineering Devision)
Sponsored by NAL (JAXA)

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