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APSCC2010 Report

Date: 5th October, 2010 to 7th October, 2010
Place: Hilton Tokyo at Sinjuku
Members: Naoki OzawaTokyo Institute of Technology
Yuta KomiyaTokyo Institute of Technology
Takatoshi MorinagaKochi University of Technology
Takafumi KawamuraTokai University
Takuya SonodaTokai University
Haruki MisuzuYokohama National University
Seira YamashinaTsukuba University

Hereby we report our attendance at APSCC2010.
APSCC, Asia-Pacific Satellite Communications Council, is a business conference for companies which relates to space industry. The council had been held for three days containing 14 sessions containing the wide range of agenda such as discussion between satellite manufacturers and uses, business tactics, finance issues, military and so on.
We had a precious opportunity to attend the conference with a kind invitation by APSCC organizer. The six students listed above were kindly invited to the conference as student members of UNISEC. As we usually study aerospace engineering from academic point of view in each laboratory, it was fresh and valuable experience to join such an industrial meeting and feel the enthusiastic discussion among the players in satellite field. We were stimulated especially by hearing the discussion mentioning about the benefits or social contributions provided by satellite technology that we had hardly considered before. Also as we are going to get job in near future, it was one of the turning point experience for all of us. We were able to see executives from various companies and hear their frank opinions through break time or cocktail party.
At the end, we would like to express our appreciation to APSCC organizer about kind understanding and the invitation.

At the APSCC conference At the APSCC conference
At the APSCC conference
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