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(UNISEC Student Organization)

UNISON was established by UNISEC in 2003 to support Japanese students who are eager to participate in space development activities. UNISON is managed only by students.

We provide students with opportunities to participate in big projects and other activities related to space development. The opportunities enable them to exchange their creative ideas and corporate with each other. We expect that they broaden their outlooks and deepen their relationships through the opportunities.

Besides, we try to bring up those who will develop new technological fields by themselves in the future. And we hope our activities contribute to Japanese space development.

Projects and Activities

Our activities are as follows.

【UNITEC-1 Project】

UNITEC-1 is a deep space exploration satellite toward Venus. UNITEC-1 was launched from Tanegashima Space Center in May 21st, 2010.
Website: http://www.unisec.jp/unitec-1/


ARLISS (A Rocket Launch for International Student Satellites) is an annual suborbital experiment held in Nevada, the US. We hold an annual CanSat Competition there.
Website: http://www.unisec.jp/history/arliss-e.html

【CanSat Comeback Competition】

We hold an annual CanSat Comeback Competition in Akita, Japan.
Website: http://www.unisec.jp/history/comebackcompetition-e.html

【Hybrid Rocket Launch】

We make launch experiments of Hybrid Rockets irregularly.
Website: http://www.unisec.jp/history/taikicho-e.html

Successive student representatives

2013 Masaru Osaki (Tokai University)
Shingo Shimazaki (Nihon University)
Ryusuke KONISHI (Keio University)
2012 Jun'ichi Takisawa (The University of Tokyo)
Ryuichiro Kanai (Hokkaido University)
Yuta Sugimoto (The University of Electro- Communications)
2011 Misuzu Haruki (Yokohama National University)
Azusa Muta (Tokyo Institute of Technology)
Takahiro Ito (Osaka Prefecture University)
2010 Yuya Kakehashi (Keio University)
Akina Jimbo (Tokai University)
2009 Yuta Kobayashi (Keio University)
Kenta Nagamine (Kyushu University)
2007 Akimasa Tsutsumi (Tokai University)
Sayaka Kobayashi (Akita University)
2006 Kuniyuki Omagari (Tokyo Institute of Technology)
Yutaka Wada (Tokai University)
2005 Kuniyuki Omagari(Tokyo Institute of Technology)
Yutaka Wada (Tokai University)
2004 Shinnichiro Narita (Keio University)
Yuya Nakamura (The University of Tokyo)
2003 Kyoichi Ui (Tokyo Institute of Technology)
Yuya Nakamura (The University of Tokyo)
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