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07.12.11 UNISEC Workshop 2007

152 student members of UNISEC and 39 entries from the public took part in the workshop at Nihon Univ on Dec 8-9.
UNISON Award: Matsunaga Lab, Tokyo Inst. of Tech.
Second UNISON Award: Nakasuka Lab, Tokyo Univ
UNISAS Award:Matsunaga Lab, Tokyo Inst. of Tech.

07.10.12 UNISEC Workshop 2007

UNISEC Workshop will be held on Dec 8 and 9 at Nihon University, Funabashi, Chiba. [+more]

07.10.5 Alma Mater Project

Tokai Univ Student Rocket Project team will present their project at Junshin Girls' Senior High School.

07.09.25 ARLISS2007 Results
  1. Osaka Prefecture University, Japan
  2. Seoul University, Korea
  3. Nihon University, Japan

07.09.18 - Successful Launch of CEES-3A, Osaka Prefecture Univ.

On Sep 13 (Thu), the non-combustion rocket CEES-3A, developed by Osaka Pref. Univ., reached 190m, obtained flight data, and deployed the parachute.
Followed by media coverage.

07.09.10 - Countdown for ARLISS 2007

From Sep 12 to 14, A Rocket Launch for International Student Satellites will be held in Nevada, USA, supported by AEROPAC.
Eight Universities and 10 organizations from UNISEC will take part in the event.

07.08.24 Noshiro Space Event: Competition Results
Can Sat
1st: 322m "KINGS" by Kyushu Inst. of Tech.
and 352m "Musashi" also by Kyushu Inst. of Tech.
1st: "B-DASH" by Yoshida-Nagatani Lab, Tohoku Univ.
Two minutes and eight seconds,8m30cm
07.08.10 Noshiro Space Event
On Aug 18 and 19, Cansat competition, rocket launches, and rocket classrooms take place in Noshiro, Japan.
UNISEC is one of the co-sponsors.
[+more in Japanese]

07.08.08 CAMUI Hybrid Rocket Launch
On Aug 4 (Sat), the CAMUI Rocket of Hokkaido Univ. was successfully launched up to 3.5km at Taikicho, Hokkaido.
The parachute was also deployed by the commands from the ground.

07.08.02 Server down scheduled
Scheduled from Aug 3 to 6. Thank you for your patience.
07.07.31 CAMUI rocket launch
HACTIC will conduct a morning launch of the CAUMI rocket in Taikicho, Hokkaido on Aug 4.

07.07.31 CanSat2007 in Kagawa
On July 28 (Sat), Kagawa hosted Cansat 2007. Six teams took part in the competition.

07.07.24 The 5th UNISEC General Meeting
208 members attended the 5th general meeting at Tokyo Univ. on July 22.

07.06.22 ARLISS2007
ARLISS is coming on September 12-14 in Nevada.

07.06.08 New UNISEC Members
Hiraki Lab (Space Dynamics Lab,) Kyushu Inst. of Tech.
Space Propulsion Lab, Dept. of Mechanical Engineering, Osaka Inst. of Tech.
Small Spacecraft System Research Center, Osaka Prefecture University
Espacio, Kogakuin University

07.05.18 The 5th UNISEC General Meeting
General meeting will be held on July 22 (Sun) at New bldg. 2 at School of Engineering, Univ of Tokyo, following the UNISON-UNISAS meeting.

07.03.09-Successful launch of Tokai Univ hybrid rocket
The Tokai Univ team successfully launched their 10th hybrid rocket that reached 550m and released can sats on March 4 and 6.
They also received the data from accelerometer, gyro, and magnetometer during the launch experiment.

07.02.27-Finale of Intl. CanSat Workshop
UNISEC hosted 195 participants from Japan and overseas.
--> Report

07.01.31 The 3rd Tanegashima Rocket Contest
On March 23-24 at The Tanegashima Space Center (TNSC)
[+ more in Japanese]

07.01.12 - International CanSat Workshop
International CanSat Workshop will be held
on Feb.23 and 24 in the Takeda Hall, Univ.of Tokyo.

[more in CanSat Workshop Wiki]


Special Features
Intl. GroundStationNetwork
UNISEC hosted the first International Ground Station Network Workshop in Tokyo
Press Release:
Nihon Univ SEEDS Team

UNISEC presentation at the United Nations
Dr. Yasaka, president of UNISEC, was awarded the Frank J. Malina Astronautics Medal 2006
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