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03.12.15-UNISEC workshop
The UNISEC workshop took place in Hokkaido Inst of Tech on 13-14 Dec in Sapporo.
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03.11.31-Comeback Competition in Itakura cancelled
Due to the strong rain and wind, the competition was cancelled.
The competitors discussed over their satellite/rover designs.
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03.10.15-ARLISS 2003
On Sep 26-28 in Nevada. 6 university labs took part in the competition.
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03.10.15-Web Design renewal

03.09.09-Itakura Comeback Competition
29 Nov(sat) 13:00-17:00
The CanSat comeback Competition will take place in Itakura, Gumma in Japan.
The 350ml-can sized satellites will be released from an air balloon, and automatically diploys parafoil and land on the marker on the land.

03.08.10-USSS 2003
In Hawai, on 14-16Nov

03.08.10-ARLISS 2003!
The rover/cansat competition in Nevada is coming!

03.07.12-UNISEC General Assembly
10 July

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Student Officers Election
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03.07.01-CubeSats in space!
Two hand-made satellites designed by Tokyo Univ and Tokyo Inst. of Tech respectively, were launched from Russia on 30 Jun.
They are now in 820-km orbit.
Tokyo Univ, XI-IV & Tokyo Inst. of Tech, Cute

03.06.29-Ground Station Network (GSN)
Finally the ground station network to support satellite communication is completed.
Global Station Network(GSN)

03.05.29-CubeSat launch in a month!
The first hand-made satellites from Japan are scheduled to be launched from Russia on 30 June.
Tokyo Univ XI-IV | Titech Cute

03.03.11-CubeSat Symposium
3/10,11, in Roppongi, Tokyo.
Paper submission closed on 2/15

03.01.14-CAMUI Hybrid Rocked (Hokkaido Univ)
2:45pm (Japanese Standard Time) on 13 January.

03.02.14-UNISEC birthday!
University Space Engineering Consortium
became NPO in Tokyo, Japan.

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