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06.12.11 - Alma Mater Project
Akita Univ. Student Space Project group is going to present their
projects at Akita Kita Highschool on Dec 20.

06.12.10 - Successful UNISEC Workshop 2006
170 students took part in the workshop.

06.10.30 - UNISEC Workshop coming soon!
This year the UNISEC Workshop will be held
at Tohoku University on Dec 9-10. [+ more]

06.10.17 - Alma Mater Project
At Shibuya Kyouiku Gakuen Makuhari Highschool, Mr. Suzuki in Nakasuka Lab (Aero/Astro, Univ. of Tokyo) is presenting the space projects on Nov 10.

06.10.17 -Server Maintenance
Oct 21, 6-9am (Japanese Standard Time)

06.10.07 - CanSat Demonstration in Europe
The Noshiro Comeback Competition winners, Keio Univ and Tohoku Univ teams, demonstrated their CanSats in the IAF conference in Valencia, Spain.
[+ more on ESA page]

06.10.07 - The Frank J. Malina Astronautics Medal
In IAF, Dr. Yasaka, president of UNISEC, was awarded the Frank J. Malina
Astronautics Medal
that is presented annually to an educator who has
demonstrated excellence in taking the fullest advantage of the resources
available to him/her to promote the study of astronautics and related
space sciences.
Medal picture

06.09.26 -ARLISS2006
In Comeback competition held in ARLISS, Tohoku University took
the first and second place, and Aoyama Gakuin University took
the thrid place.[report]

06.09.23 -HITSAT in space!
At 6:36 am on September 23rd, HITSAT made by Hokkaido Institute
of Technology and Hokkaido University was successfully launched
from Uchinoura Space Center, Kagoshima.

06.09.19 -ARLISS2006
ARLISS will be held on September 20-21.
This year, 8 Japansee universities will participate in CanSat launch
experiments in cooperation with AEROPAC.

06.08.21 -Noshiro 2006
Keio Univ won the CanSat Comeback Competition, and Tohoku Univ.
won the Rover Comeback Competition.
Akita, Tsukuba and Tokai Univ. all successfully launched the hybrid rockets.

06.08.14 -Noshiro 2006
Noshiro 2006 on Aug 19 in Noshiro, Akita, Japan.
CanSat/Rover competitions and Hybrid Rockets.

06.08.08 -Press Release by Nihon University Team
The CubeSat "SEEDS" developed by Nihon Univ.
Team was launched on July 27 from Baikonur, Russia.
However, due to the rocket failure the satellite could not make it to the orbit.
Press Release by Nihon Univ Team

06.08.04-Web Server will be shutdown on Aug 5-6

06.07.20-The International GSN Workshop
UNISEC hosted the first International Ground Station Network Workshop
at Tokyo Univ,
on 18-19 July 2006.
[+ Program]

06.07.20-The 4th UNISEC General Assembly
was held on 17 July at Tokyo Univ.
[reports coming soon]

06.06.23-UNISEC Presentation in the COPUOS
On June 15th, Prof. Yasaka, President of UNISEC made a presentation
in the Committee on the Peaceful Uses of Outer Space (COPUOS) held in Vienna.
[Speech] | [Presentation slides]

06.06.05-New member
Tsuyama National College of Technology, Okuyama Lab

06.05.20-Summary of 2005 Report
Summaryof member universities' activities in 2005 now available on the web.

06.05.15-WEB server maintenance on 20th May
2006/05/20 0-3am (JST)

06.05.14-UNISEC new member
Yoshida-Takahashi Lab, Keio Univ and Aoyama Gakuin University Space Club (AGU-SC)

06.05.08-GSN workshop:call for paper
Submit one-page abstract including title, name, address, phone, fax,
email address, language (Japanese or English)
to gsn_office(at)unisec.jp for your 10-15 min presentation.
Some presentations will be allocated to poster sessions.
Due: 31 May

06.04.19-GSN workshop in July
GSN workshop will be held on 18-19 July,
after the general assembly scheduled on 17 July.

06.03.20-Tokai Univ rocket launch
14 March, 5pm
Tokai Univ launched the 7th hybrid rocket in Taikicho,
Hokkaido, to reach 1km altitude.

06.02.28-Hybrid rocket launches in the south and north
Hokkaido Univ and Tokai Univ will carry out hybrid rocket launch
experiments around 18 March, in Taikicho Hokkaido.
In Tanegashima, Rocket Contest will take place as well.

06.02.22-Cute 1.7+APD in space!

6:28am (Japan Standard Time) on 22 Feb, Cute 1.7
developed by Matsunaga Lab, Tokyo Inst. of Tech.,
was launched by M-V8 rocket from Uchinoura.
The launch was successful, and the satellite signals
were received all around the world.
The small satellite is equipped with APD
(Avalanche Photo Diode) developed by Kawai Lab,
Tokyo Inst. of Tech.

06.02.06- Alma Mater Project in Seto, Aichi
On 2 Feb, Ms. Namiko Mizuta, UNISON member at Tokai Univ.,
presented her project at Seto Junior High School in Aichi.

06.01.23-Membrane deploy in space!
The membrane deploy experiment in space, designed by Tokyo Univ. et. al., launched by the S-310-36 rocket from Uchinoura, was carried out successfully in space.
Tokyo Univ web site has more.

Special Features
Intl. GroundStationNetwork
UNISEC hosted the first International Ground Station Network Workshop in Tokyo
Press Release:
Nihon Univ SEEDS Team

UNISEC presentation at the United Nations
Dr. Yasaka, president of UNISEC, was awarded the Frank J. Malina Astronautics Medal 2006
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