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09.11.30 UNISEC Workshop

The 8th UNISEC Workshop on Nov 28-29 was great success.
(143 students and 43 guests).
Official website

09.11.12 UNITEC-1 web site updated

UNITEC-1 (Venus mission in 2010) project web site was updated.

09.11.4 CDR for UNITEC-1
Participants from Hokkaido to Kyushu conducted critical design review (CDR) on Nov 3 for the UNITEC-1 venus mission. The launch of the Venus probe will be next year.

UNITEC-1 Project

09.10.21 IAC Report (Vol.2)
Mr. Inamori, the student member of UNISEC and Nakasuka Lab at the University of Tokyo, won the Best Technical Paper Award at the Student Session of the IAC 2009 Daejeon Korea. Congratulations!

09.10.21 IAC (vol. 1)

Dr. Nakasuka (the administrator of UNISEC), Dr. Yasaka (former administrator of UNISEC), and Ms. Kawashima (Executive Director of UNISEC) participated in the IAC 2009 at Daejeon, Korea as Cordinator, Panelist, and MC on Oct 16.
Plenary Session: "Space Education through Nano/Pico Satellites"
IAC2009 official site
Plenary Session

09.10.16 ARLISS Final Reports
ARLISS2009 Official Report
ARLISS Results
ARLISS 2009 Official Web Site

09.10.9 The 8th UNISEC Workshop

Will be held on Nov 28 (Sat) and 29 (Sun) at Keio Univ.
Register today! We are looking forward to meeting you all.
Official web site | UNISEC Calendar

09.10.5 ARLISS 2009 Results
The results of the ARLISS competition (Sep 14-19):
The detail will follow.

09.09.18 ARLISS2009
ARLISS started on Sep 14. Click the blog links below for Day 1 and Day 2 (in Japanese).
1st Day
2nd Day

09.09.18 Noshiro Space EventReport
Report of Noshiro 2009
Comeback Competition
Noshiro Space Event Home Page

09.08.25 Noshiro Space Event
The results of the Noshiro Cansat Comeback Competition:

09.08.17 UNITEC-1 Qualification Round: six groups selected The OBCs for UNITEC-1 satellite were selected on Aug 13 at Kyushuu Institute of Technology. Winners: Tokyo University of Science, Hokkaido Inst. of Tech., Kouchi Inst. of Tech, Tohoku Univ., the University of Electro-Communications, and Keio Univ.
The six universities also won AXELSPACE Award (50,000 Yen).

09.08.03 Ground Station Network (GNS) Workshop

The GNS workshop was held at the University of Tokyo on July 27.

09.07.27 Annual Meeting and Activity Reports

The 7th annual meeting ended with fruitful discussions. The detail will follow.

09.07.14 General Meeting coming soon


09.06.25 UNISEC Tshirt 2009

Click here to see the design

09.06.08 New student trustees 2009
Yuta Kobayashi (Keio Univ.) and
Kenta Nagamine (Kyushu Univ.)
Interviews in Japanese

09.06.08 Space Development Forum
Space Development Forum 2009 is scheduled on Sep 19-20 at VLSI Design and Education Center (VDEC), the University of Tokyo.

09.05.21 Noshiro Space Event schedule This year the Noshiro Space Event will take place from Aug 20 to 26.
[Noshiro Space Event]

09.05.18 UNISON Rocket Meeting at Tokyo City Univ.
Tokai Univ., CORE, Tsukuba Univ., Akita Univ., Osaka Prefecture Univ., Wakayama Univ., and Tokyo City Univ participated in the UNISON Rocket Meeting on May 16-17 to discuss safety standard and Noshiro Space event.

09.03.30 ARLISS Meeting
ARLISS (A Rocket Launch for International Student Satellites) will be organized by students this year, scheduled on September 15-19. The working meeting was held in Keio University.

09.01.23 Four satellites in orbit!

Four university satellites were launched by the 15th H-IIA rocket from Tanegashima on Jan 23.
For more detail, go to their web sites!
PRISM(Hitomi), ISSL, The University of Tokyo
STARS(KUKAI), Kagawa University
SPRITE-SAT, Tohoku University
KKS-1(Kiseki), Tokyo Metropolitan College of Industrial Technology


Special Features
Intl. GroundStationNetwork
UNISEC hosted the first International Ground Station Network Workshop in Tokyo
Press Release:
Nihon Univ SEEDS Team

UNISEC presentation at the United Nations
Dr. Yasaka, president of UNISEC, was awarded the Frank J. Malina Astronautics Medal 2006
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