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04.12.14-UNISEC Workshop in Kyushu University
The UNISEC Workshop 2004 took place in Kyushu University on 11 and 12 December.
04.12.09-News Letter (Japanese)
Featuring ARLISS report.
04.12.09-New UNISEC brochure released
Get the new brochure!
Contact UNISEC office to request mailing.
04.12.03-Fukuoka Comeback Competition on 13 Dec
Tokyo Inst. of Tech., Kagawa Univ., Nihon Univ., JAXA team, and PLANET-Q (Student organization in Kyushu) will take part in the competition.

04.11.29-CubeSat Story... Tokyo Univ XI-IV story updated
Untold stories of the first Japanese student satellite CubeSats.

USSS (University Space Systems Symposium) drew to a successful close.
16 Japanese and 6 US universities (including Jet Propulsion Laboratory®j attended the meeting.

04.11.11-Kansai Space Explorers®iKSE)
joined UNISEC

USSS(University Space Systems Symposium) is coming on 13, 14 Nov.

04.10.20-UNISEC Workshop
UNISEC Workshop 2004 will took place in Kyushu Univ on 11-12 Dec.

04.10.15-Japan Aerospace 2004
UNISEC member universities and organizations took part in panel sessions, from 6 to 10 Oct. in Pacifico Yokohama

(CanSat launch and experiment demonstration®j
In Nevada, USA

04.09.17-Nohmi Lab, Kagawa University joined UNISEC.
The first member from Shikoku district.

04.09.17-News Letter released
CubeSat anniversary, new student officers UNISEC activity reports and more
[Previous news letters]

04.09.02-Ground Station Network
The Ground Station Network (GSN), made of universities and agencies, covers the wide area in Japan to communicate with satellites in orbit.

04.08.28-CubeSat Story updated
Untold stories of the first CubeSats hand-made by Japanese university students!

04.07.31-UNISON got started!
UNISON, the student organization in UNISEC went into actions. Visiting hometown highschools for education, CanSat (small satellite) kits, new projects and more

04.07.31-The second general assembly
UNISEC General Assembly was held in Tokyo Univ.

04.07.14-New Member
Ishikawa Lab, Tokyo Metropolitan College of Aeronautical Engineering

The high school students, the future engineers are working on a prototype small satellite (150x150x150[mm], 2[kg]).

04.07.10-CubeSats anniversay talk

04.07.03-CubeSats anniversary...
CubeSat Story updated.

04.06.28-Education Program at alma mater
UNISEC student members presented their projects in front of the high school students.

04.06.23-First Anniversary of CubeSats
Anniversary talk on CubeSats designed and operated by Tokyo Univ and Titech will take place in Tokyo Univ.
July 10(Sat) 14:00 - 17:00
[more] (PDF)

"Cute-I" of Titech (left) and "XI-IV" of Tokoy Univ(right)

04.06.07-UNISEC General Assembly schedule
The 2nd UNISEC general assembly will be held on 19 July.
Place: Yamanoue Kaikan, Tokyo Univ

04.05.28-CubeSat Story updated...

04.05.16-CubeSat Story updated...

04.05.11-Web Site renewal
New design of UNISEC web!

04.05.07-Project-F joined UNISEC
Department of Electronic and Computer Engineering, Tokyo Denki Univ, school of Schience and Engineering

whose research projects include Earth-space communication, will develop a compact telemery antenna.
Future plans includes small satellite development

04.05.04-Takadama Lab, Titech
joined UNISEC.

Takadama Lab aims to contribute to space development with artificial intelligence, dispersed processing, and optimization.

04.04.21-Miyano Lab, Tokyo Metropolitan College of Aeronautical Engineering
joined UNISEC.
Miyano Lab develops control subsystem for small satellites.

04.03.15-Rocket launches successful in Taikicho, Hokkaido
The rocket launch experiment carried out on 13-15 March in Taikicho, Hokkaido.
Hokkaido Univ and Tokai Univ both demonstrated their launch experiments perfectly!
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Special Features


PELICAN team of Tokyo Institute of Technology won the Fukuoka CanSat competition

New members
UNISEC participated in Japan Aerospace 2004
First anniversary of CubeSat Operations
XI-IV, of Tokyo Univ and CUTE-I of TITECH

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