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Summary of the UNISEC activities by UNISEC members

05.12.27-New Member
Cho Lab, Kyushu Institute of Technology
Featuring 5 vacuum chambers, experienced in space environment tests.

05.12.18-USSS2005 Report
Four Japanese and six US universities took part in the USSS2005, conducted by Kagawa Univ.

05.12.14-The 4th UNISEC Workshop at Tokai Univ
174 students from 23 universities and technical colleges took part in the 4th workshop on Feb 10-11.
19 members presented their projects.
Live report in Japanese[10 Feb][Feb 11]

05.12.06-New Member

05.10.28-Successful Launch of CubeSat XI-V
27th Oct 15:52
XI-V, the second CubeSat by Nakasuka Lab, the University of Tokyo, was successfully launched from Plesetsk Space Center in Russia.
Nakasuka Lab web site has more.
(This project is supported by
JAXA Space Open Lab.)

05.10.25-IAC Comeback Competition in Fukuoka
CanSat Comebackcompetition was held on 22 Oct in Fukuoka.
In this student program in IAC, international teams participated in the unfavorable weather. Kyushu Univ and Kagawa Univ shared the cup.
[more in Japanese]

05.10.22-UNISEC Booth at IAC, Fukuoka

05.10.04-2005UNISEC Workshop
UNISEC workshop will be held in Tokai Univ, on Dec 10-11.

05.09.27-Rover won the rainy and windy competition
In the heavy rainfall and winds, Tohoku Univ Rover Team won the ARLISS 2005 comeback competition.

05.09.27-New Member
Yasuda Women's University in Hiroshima
Experienced in 3D CG and animation, will contribute to Space development PR activities.

05.09.20-ARLISS is coming!
The largest number of 13 teams will compete in the ARLISS 2005 competition on 21-23 in Nevada, USA.
This event includes demonstration of model rocket launch as well.

05.09.07-SmartSat Contract
UNISEC will design target satellite 1-b for NICT's orbital service satellite SmartSat.
The UNISEC member laboratories will work on the design by next February.
[1-b satellite movie]

05.08.12-CanSat, Rover competition in Noshiro, Akita, Japan
Tokyo Univ won the Noshiro cansat competition. Nihon Univ 2nd, Titech 3rd.
Titech rover team won the award in rover competition
The hybrid rocket launches by Tokai Univ on 10 and 11 Aug were both successful.
05.07.27-New UNISEC member
Kawanami Group, Thermal Engineering, Hyogo Pref. Univ.
05.07.25-The 3rd General Meeting
Over 140 member attended the general meeting in Tokyo Univ., on 23 July.
05.07.15-Nano-satellite separation device from Matsunaga Lab, Titech
On 10 July, the separation device made by Matsunaga Lab, Tokyo Inst, of Tech, was launched on M-V 6 from Uchinoura. The experiment was successful.

05.07.15-New UNISEC Member
Measurement and Information Lab, Yamaguchi Univ.
Featuring HAM ground station
05.06.30-Second Anniversary
Two years have passed since the successful launch and operation of Cube Sats!

CUTE-I of TITECH and XI-IV of Tokyo Univ
05.06.27-New UNISEC Member
Yamaguchi Lab., Tokyo Metropolitan College of Technology
05.06.17-New UNISEC Member
Iwasaki Lab, Aero/Astro, Tokyo Univ.
05.06.10-New student officers 2005
Mr. Omagari (Tokyo Inst. of Tech) and Mr. Wada (Tokai Univ)
[policy speech]
05.06.09-ARLISS technical review
Screening beforehand to support successful missions in ARLISS
05.06.09-UNISEC General Meeting
General Assembly will be held on 23 July in Tokyo Univ.

05.06.08-UNISEC news letter #5 printed!
PDF version:
1 / 2
05.06.08-Space Events in Noshiro, Akita Pref.
Noshiro Space Event is coming on 10 August in Noshiro, Akita, Japan.
Rocket launches, can sat comeback competition, rover competition
05.06.01-New UNISEC Member
Yonemoto Lab, Aero/Astro, Kyushu Inst. of Tech
became UNISEC member, the 4th participant from Kyushu.
05.05.20-New UNISEC Member
Akita Univ CanSat Team became a UNISEC member.
05.05.12-CanSat technology database
CanSat technology database is updated.
05.05.09-CAMUI rocket (Hokkaido) launch movie is uploaded in
UNISEC library

320x240px 300kbpsA 640x480px 1000kbps
05.04.20-Nano Satellite User Questionnaire
(by May 8)

Investigate the needs for cube sats!
05.04.11-New Member
Nishio Lab, Space Science, Kagoshima Univ
Chaotic System Engineering Lab, Hokkaido Univ
05.03.22-Successful launches in Taikicho, Hokkaido
Hokkaido Univ team and Tokai Univ team demonstrated the successful hybrid rocket launches on 12-13 March.
The communication test of CanSat designed by Hokkaido Inst. of Tech. was also successful.
[more (Hokkaido team)] | [more (Tokai team)]
05.03.11-Hybrid launch demonstration
On 12-13 March in Taikicho, Hokkaido.
The participants are Hokkaido Univ, Tokai Univ, and Hokkaido Inst. of Tech teams.
[more in HASTIC web]
05.02.15-3rd Alma Mater in Okayama
UNISON alma mater program will take place in Okayama High School.
Mr. Funaki (Tokyo Inst. of Tech), who was the Fukuoka comeback cometition winner, will present his projects.
05.01.26-Fukuoka CanSat Comeptition

On 13 Dec, in the mild condition, the competition was held.
Tokyo Institute of Technology team won the competition.
Movies etc.
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